Project Update: November 2020

In the Zhytomyr region, 2,230 children were in 23 Residential Institutions before the pandemic.

Approximately 1916 children from the Zhytomyr Region returned home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The initial monitoring revealed that 561 families (with 873 children) in the Zhytomyr Region were considered to be in difficult circumstances and did not have food and proper hygiene supplies for their households.


147 children from 85 families in the Zhytomyr region remained with their families and out of institutional care at the start of the 2020/2021 school year! The COVID-19 Children’s Relief Initiative will provide these families with additional support during the winter holidays.

Delivery of Food & Hygiene kits to the Zhytomyr region

  • MEEST completed 8 deliveries to the Zhytomyr Regional State Administration.
  • 400 complete kits (food & hygiene) weighing a total of 17,200 kilograms were delivered to the Region. 
  • The boxes were then delivered to families living in 42 settlements: villages and district centers. 

Social Worker Visits: Food & Hygiene Kit Distribution

We worked with the Zhytomyr Regional center of social services for families with children and youth to coordinate the distribution of the food and hygiene kits and to oversee the social workers in their home visits. 

  • Of the 561 families identified in the initial monitoring, 265 families with 689 children (including 135 with disabilities) received assistance through the COVID-19 Children’s Relief Initiative. 
  • 363 of the 689 children that received assistance were living in Residential Institutions prior to the quarantine.
  • 1113 persons in total received assistance through the initiative.
  • Most of the families assisted by the initiative have many children.  (One family of 8 children, two families of 7 children, three families of 6 children and so on.)

Additional Clothing & Hygiene products to the Families

Social workers noticed that children were often in need of new clothing.

Help Us Help & The New Generation International Charitable Fund redirected their supply of gently used clothing and skin and sun care products (originally intended for Summer Camp 2020) to families in the Zhytomyr Region